Ready for your first job? Master the Aptitude Tests

Aptitude  for Freshers

So you are a recent graduate and looking for your first job or may be you want to change to a better job. You probably already know that you may have to go through written aptitude tests before you land a good job. Aptitude tests can strike fear into many but most of you are likely to encounter them at some stage. It’s better to face the fear and find out what’s involved and be ready for it.

Aptitude testing is used by many graduate employers as part of their recruitment process across many sectors like IT, retail, Finance and Consulting. It is often the first part of the screening process, but if you succeed at this stage, you will move to the next stages. You will find lots of information and links to practice tests on web. The more tests you take, more prepared you will be.

We have shortlisted a few aptitude tests that will help you assess your own readiness for jobs in professional companies.

1: SkillSign Freshers Aptitude Test Free – Used by dozens of companies to shortlist junior employees. Search skillsign for many more




2: Monster Psychometric Tests – Paid  Scientific tests for different roles

careerlauncher3: CareerLauncher Campus Recruitment tests:  Paid – Detailed tests used by a number of companies