Fog affected Trains: Chandigarh-Lucknow Sadbhavana Express cancelled

Fogs Delayed trains Chandigarh

Foggy weather condition persisted disrupting rail traffic, with evening Shatabdi from Kalka- New Delhi getting cancelled.

Due to fog cover, the evening Shatabdi (12011/12012) from Kalka- New Delhi was cancelled on Sunday and many city-bound trains got delayed by several hours. For the coming days, too, some trains have been cancelled.

Other than this, Jammu Tawi-Howrah Himgiri Express (12332) and Chandigarh-Prayag Express(14218) for Monday have been cancelled.

Chandigarh-Lucknow Sadbhavana Express ( 12232), which was scheduled to go on December 7, has been cancelled.

Thirty-three trains in the Ambala division got delayed on Sunday. This included the Unchahar express(14217) that got delayed by 13 hours, Lucknow-Chandigarh (15011) that got delayed by 2.30 hours, and Malwa (12919) train that runs from Indore to Jammu got delayed by 7.45 hours.

On Saturday, around 30 trains of the Ambala division were delayed due to fog in Haryana, Punjab and in the National Capital Region.
Due to fog in Delhi, some flights from Chandigarh were delayed by a maximum of one hour.