Is this the first Punjabi song on homosexuality? “Bapu Sada Kehnda” (Video)

Bapu Sads Kehnda

A big, fat Punjabi wedding, in UK something not so different for a Punjabi song video. But a debut song by production firm ‘No1knows’ called “Bapu Sada Kehnda” (My father Says) features a scenario in Punjabi pop that’s never showcased before – Homosexuality!

The video ever since being uploaded on YouTube from two accounts is garnering thousands of views.

We have the billionaire, apparently not invited, gate-crashing the wedding. He heads straight to the stage and sings verses such as ‘Karo munda labhan di tyaar, mareeka vich law aa gya’ (Find a groom for our boy, now that America even has a law (for gay marriage).

There are no dialogues, as the song keeps playing in the background. The bride even clicks a selfie with the two men arguing! To which the father, a typical punjabi “bapu” reacts with rage.

Amanbir Singh Sangha (Aman), the producer who also features in the video and has co-written the lyrics. Sangha, 24, a second-generation British-Punjabi whose father migrated from Hoshiarpur, says there was no “big idea” behind putting the social cause in the video. “The idea is entertainment and being different. But we could put this in the video only because now people at least talk about it. We would have been thrashed if we did it two decades ago.” Aman says the song – sung by Sabby Singh – only underlines the issue. Even the father is not shown as a liberal man accepting his son’s alternative sexuality.