Film ‘Asli Punjab’ – Better than ‘Udta Punjab’?

Asli Punjab

Asli Punjab, produced by Avtesh Brar, may not have the star cast of ‘Udta Punjab’ but it will try to take a different angle on issues faced by Punjab. Bollywood movie ‘Udta Punjab ‘in 2016 focused on the drug abuse in the Indian state of Punjab and was a super-hit. It seems that other producers are trying to cash in ‘Udta Punjab’ success by trying to highlight the other issues faced by Punjab. Unfortunately (but good for film producers), there is no shortage of social and legal problems faced by Punjabis.




“Asli Punjab”, Avtesh Brar production alongwith Kulwinder Chaohan and Davinder Brar, will highlight some of there issues. The movie has a star cast that include talented Davinder Brar, Zafar Khan, Dheeraj Kumar, Malkeet Rauni and Nirmal Rishi.


The story of the film, written by Davinder Brar himself, is supposed to be based on the real-life incidents. Take a look at the trailer of the movie ‘Asli Punjab’ to get a better feel.