Fans still remember Shiv Kumar Batalvi


(July 23, 1936-May 6, 1973) was Punjab’s answer to Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and the Beatles in the 1960s.

It was a time when poets were much in demand and love would be expressed in couplets. Batalvi with his passion and high romance become the ideal of every young man and the dream of every young woman. His poetry was rooted in the soil and inspired by folk songs and it went straight to the hearts of the listeners.

He was the youngest to win the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967 and enjoy immense popularity during his lifetime. He was good-looking and had a melodious voice. His fame multiplied after his death and he died young, living up to the great decadent romantic lure of wine, women and song.

Today, his poetry stands in equal footing, amongst that by stalwarts of modern poetry, like Mohan Singh and Amrita Pritam.

One of his anthology, Alvida (Farewell) was published posthumously in 1974, by the Guru Nanak Dev University, . ‘Shiv Kumar Batalvi Award’ for Best Writer, is given each year.

Source: Wikipedia; news agencies