Family that exercises together stays fitter!

Family Exercise

Exercising with a family and that too in the listed amazing ways is the first thing you should start doing from today itself. We love living with big families. So why not exercise together too? Just 30 minutes exercising together daily will not only keep everyone fit but also build strong bonds.

Running Family

Running Family

1) Go for before or after dinner walks- It will serve a dual purpose. It will not only help as a exercise but some quality time with family will have its own benefits.

2) Crank up the music and boogie down- Make a playlist of your family’s favorite songs and choose a day when all the members are free…. Dance it off…. It helps in relaxing the mind too.

3) Have a weekly sports night- Every Saturday for example get everyone up and moving… You can make different cards displaying various exercises on each card… The one who picks the card will have to perform that particular exercise.

4) Walk the dog- Study of Obesity shows that dog-owners had more fun losing weight and were able to keep it off longer than non-pup-owners.

5) Team up for gardening – Kids are great at digging up dirt, so let them turn over the soil and help you plant new bulbs.It can make them more appetizing to kids.

:Etisha @affimity