F-16 fighter jets flying over Islamabad fearing Indian attack


Pakistan media earlier reported that they fear India may be preparing to attack under its Cold Start Doctrine. All of the air traffic and flights from Islamabad to Northern areas were cancelled supposedly for a military exercise.



India has accused Pakistan of being behind Sunday’s attack on an army base that killed 18 soldiers in the Indian occupied Kashmir and said it had the right to respond.

Yesterday, a senior journalist in Pakistan has tweeted about the presence of a group of fighter jets flying over Islamabad. The tweet came after Pakistan cleared its highways and air space in anticipation of India’s retaliation after Sunday’s terror attack in Uri.

Twitter has been flooded with many panic posts mentioning the presence on F-16 fighter jets roaring in the skies.

As the tweet evoked concerns and curiosity, he was quick to retweet another post that said “dont worry it is just to assure people of islmabd that our forces are fully aware and ready to fight.”

According to reports, people came out on roads and around 5-6 jets were seen in the sky.

Peshawar-Islamabad highway is also reportedly closed. Reportedly, Pakistan Air Force also practised landing its fighters on the highway, a step taken generally in an extreme emergency when all nearby airstrips are non-operational due to enemy action.