Evil : 100 year old woman killed and allegedly raped

 A 100-year-old woman was found dead in her fields at a village near Patiala.
The incident occurred at Daub Kalan village in the early hours of Monday morning when the woman was sleeping outdoors, as informed by her grandson. In the morning, when the family realised that she had gone missing, the woman’s body was then discovered near the paddy fields.
As her body was found partially stripped and in a pool of blood, family members allege of her being raped before killed. Which would be filed in the chargesheet once the postmortem report confirms it.
“Based on preliminary investigations, we can rule out dispute over property. It could be the work of some drug addicts,” Harvinder Virk, a police officer, said.

The incident comes at a time the Akali Dal-BJP government is facing criticism from the opposition over state’s law and order situation. A Congress delegation will meet the Governor on Tuesday to lodge its protest