EU may sanction Pakistan over Human Rights violations in Balochistan


Brussels: Pakistan gets major trade and financial support from EU, including lower custom duties on textiles, Pakistan’s biggest Pakistan export item. The European Union on Friday threatened to impose sanctions on Pakistan for continued human rights violations in Balochistan, its biggest province.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Balochistan, European Parliament vice-president Ryszard Czarnecki has said the EU may impose economic and political sanctions on Islamabad if it fails to stop human rights violation in the province. India has renewed its effort to morally support Balochs in their struggle against Pakistan Military rule.
“”I told the European Union during our human rights debate that if our partner countries do not accept human rights and standards, in this situation we should react and seek sanctions, like some moves in economic fields,” Czarnecki said amid the Indian government’s moves to consider application to grant asylum to top Baloch leader Brahamdagh Khan Bugti.

Czarnecki, who attended a silent vigil where the protesters condemned Pakistan for the ongoing atrocities and paid homage to those who lost their lives, said that it was not the time for words, but for actions.

“We have bilateral, economic and political relations with Pakistan and if it will not change its state policy towards Balochistan, then we would change our attitude towards Islamabad and towards the government of Pakistan,” he said.

“Pakistan has two faces. The open face is towards us and the brutal face towards Balochistan,” he said, adding all the 28 members of the EU should react against Pakistan’s brutal operations and policies towards the Balochis.