Early US Results | Unexpectedly swinging towards Trump 150 : 109

Trump beating Hillary in US Elections

After a brutal campaign, unprecedented in the American history, the US went to poll  yesterday. Early results are out and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were locked in a dead heat Tuesday in their historic clash for White House. However, defying the opinion polls, Trump is leading in 150 to Clinton 109, though most swing states are still to come in the play.

However, Clinton is expected to pick up a substantial number of Electoral College votes when West Coast polls close later this evening. With voting over in most eastern states and Americans still lining up to cast their ballots on the West Coast, television networks called 16 states so far for the Republican Trump ─ a band of red on the electoral map stretching from South Carolina to Texas.

Polls conducted for national media by Edison Research show Republican Donald Trump winning a majority of white voters while Democrat Hillary Clinton is drawing support from about three out of four nonwhite voters.

Right now, all eyes were on the tight race in Florida, a must-win race for Trump, who would find it hard to cobble together a majority without the Sunshine State’s 29 electoral college votes. Trump is currently winning in Florida by over 140,000 with counting still on,

Americans and the world is waiting anxiously for results from the key battleground states that will decide the winner.