Dulla Bhatti – Film that touched hearts but not box office

Dulla Bhatti

Most Punjabi have heard of Punjabi folklore hero, , often labeled as the ‘Robin Hood of Punjab’. Bhatti had led a revolution against the Mughal rule during the reign of Akbar, primarily because his father was killed by the Mughal rulers.

‘Dulla Bhatti promised a break from most rom-coms, dominating Punjabi Films, with its serious tone tackling revenge and bitterness. However it was not as well received as expected.

had earlier said the film was about a character who witnessed his father’s murder and carried the bitter memory till his moment of revenge.

The Dulla Bhatti movie is directed and written by Minar Malhotra which has also directed the Punjabi comedy film, Lovely Te Lovely. The star cast of the movie, including Binnu Dhillon, Sardar Sohi, Dev Kharoud, Amar Noori, Aman Hundal BN Sharma, Nirmal Rishi and Malkit Raun.

The movie has a good story but did not do well due to lack of buzz when released in June 2016. Producers should have invested a little more in promotion.