Demonetization Week-4 | Things are going to change for Chandigarh – Soon to be first cashless city!


Chandigarh has been always on the top in terms of everything ever since it got established. We all know that in recent past, Chandigarh has been awarded the titles of the greenest city, the cleanest city, happiest city and of course the smart city. Moving forward, Chandigarh is now eyeing to become India’s first cashless city. Indeed, it would be a new crown for Chandigarh and nothing can better after the demonetization row.

This idea has cropped up from the mind of Punjab Governor and UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore. The idea is to make Chandigarh the first cashless city of India and you’ll be surprised to know that the first step in this direction has already been taken. Chandigarh Administration will encourage school and college students to spread awareness amongst their parents regarding the use of debit & credit cards, online payment, swipe machines and other methods of cashless payments.

Cash Payments will not be accepted in Chandigarh

Going cashless seems much easy to talk and difficult to be implemented. However, Chandigarh has always been on the forefront when it comes to implementation. Here are few steps that have been taken:

  • No cash payments will be accepted at any Sampark centre in Chandigarh.
  • Chandigarh residents will not be able to make any bill payments in cash. This includes electricity, water as well as telephone bills.
  • No cash payments will be accepted for various other types of work in different departments of Chandigarh Administration offices.
  • All Sampark centres and Government departments that accept money for various things will be provided with a debit card / credit card swipe machine.
  • RLA (Registration and Licensing Authority) office in Sector 17 Chandigarh will also not accept any cash payments from people.
  • Chandigarh government will even include small traders and businessmen in the city in this cashless drive.

Chandigarh is all set to abolish the fee of online payment. Previously, people were charged Rs. 10 extra for online transactions. Badnore has asked the officials to look into the matter and has demanded a clarification for the same. These charges were mainly levied on the online payment of electricity and water bills from which Chandigarh people can soon expect to be rescued. Apart from this, residents of Chandigarh are called out for help as awareness & spreading this idea is important to start with.