Delhi Smog | Schools shut, Construction stopped, but Politics On

Delhi Smog Schools Shut

NEW DELHI: Delhi is suffering worse than it ever did in the past due to smog and pollution. Nothing has been done in the last 12 months to reduce pollution. Capital faced one of its worst spells of air pollution in living memory and air quality further dipped to the season’s lowest on Sunday, the Delhi government that’s mostly busy in Punjab and Goa elections, when not touring Europe and Brazil, finally announced some knee-jerk measures to deal with the public health crisis.

Earlier too, Arvind Kejriwal’s Government  spent over Rs 200 crores on a really ‘odd’  odd-even traffic scheme, that went nowhere, except giving hassles to people and lots of publicity to the party making its media advisors happy. Till now. Delhi was accusing Punjab and Haryana for pollution due to burning crops in these states but there’s no proof that burning in these states is the biggest factor for Delhi Smog.Image result for Delhi Smog

All schools have been shut for three days and construction and demolition activities across the city banned for five days, starting Monday. Directions had been given on dust control measures but that having failed, it has been decided to suspend all activity.

PWD has been directed to water all its roads to try and settle the dust at these stretches, and start vacuum cleaning of all roads 100 feet and wider from November 10.

The government has imposed a five-day ban on operation of diesel generator sets, except for ’emergency’ services such as hospitals, mobile towers etc.

 The government was also looking at fanciful options like the possibility of creating artificial rain while preparing for another round of odd-even traffic restrictions.

These measures are expected to fail but AAP government is hoping that by the time, people realise, smog will come down on its own.