Death Hoax | Comedian Mehar Mittal unwell, not dead!


The death hoax of Punjabi comedian Mehar Mittal is what’s circling the streets of Pollywood today!

It isn’t new that a celebrity has been reportedly asked to rest in peace before his actual passing away. A while back Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon had suffered a similar death hoax but the actor took to social media and cleared the doubts in people’s mind.

With the legendary Punjabi comedian Mehar Mittal, things are different. He is currently not in a state to make any public announcements or post social media updates so the whole confusion is very much obvious.

82-year-old Mehar Mittal is currently in a private hospital in Ahmedabad and is reportedly showing improvement in his health.

Other celebrities who have fallen victim to death hoax are Kader Khan, Honey Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Chris Brown, Jackie Chan, Dilip Kumar, Bon Jovi, Shakti Kapoor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Lata Mangeshkar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Lady Gaga, Katrina Kaif, Russell Crowe and many others.