Continuing Genocide in Balochistan: Dozens killed in August

Balochistan Genocide

There is a brutal ongoing Pakistani army operation in Balochistan,where on a regular basis civilians get killed in these aerial attacks. There’s no civilian oversight to army operations.

According to local sources, the latest death was of 10-year-old Sudees of Khuzdar tehsil on 30 August. Earlier, a youth named Amaan from the Mand area of Kech district, was shot on 28 August in a Pakistan Army offensive. Fifteen bodies, some “mutilated beyond recognition”, were recovered over the 27-28 August weekend from different areas of Dera Bugti.

We had documented total 66 extra judicial killings as of Sunday (28 August) evening. Twelve more bodies were buried without any last rites by Pakistani forces in Anayat Shah Darbar area of Dera Bugti a night before. The bodies were later recovered by locals…… Zamuran Baloch, a journalist-activist


Anyone who is suspected of links with pro-independence groups can be picked up without any warrant, most of them never found again. Activists say those picked up are later tortured into making submissions.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the human rights violations there in his 15 August Independence Day address, Pakistan’s Army and dreaded ISI have commenced a brutal crackdown in Pakistan’s disturbed border province of Balochistan.Nawaz Sharif, Pak Army Chief, ISI DG are war criminals, arrest them: Balochistan's representative at UNHRC

The toll of dead and missing people has witnessed a sharp surge, with at least 67 dead and over 150 reported missing in August alone, local activists and multiple well-informed sources with access to inside information have averred.

There’s a gag on the media against reporting the atrocities there. The latest media house to face the wrath of Pakistani administration was Geo TV. Pakistan’s biggest news channel was banned last month after it equated the situation in Kashmir with that of Balochistan.