“Competition is just in people’s mind” – Gippy Grewal

gippy grewal Befikre

New Delhi,  – Singer-actor is not bothered by who is at the top because he feels that “competition is just in people’s mind”.

Some actors are happy doing drama, some excel in music, some are totally believable while blowing things up in action films and some completely happy cracking audiences up. But there is one actor-turned-producer-turned-director in Punjabi cinema – Gippy Grewal who can take on any role and play it just as well as the original actor.

“It can get to you in any field, not just films. It’s very important to focus on your own work,” says Grewal.

He has just rendered the title number in Aditya Chopra’s which will be filmed on . Though Gippy is not allowed to say much about the number, one hears it will be shot to steamy visuals of Ranveer Singh making love to Vaani Kapoor.

The actor-musician further tells us, “When I started working, I explored various genres of music and then decided what I want to do. Unfortunately, the concept of competition is fed to children the moment they go to school.”

Talking about his approach to work, Grewal says, “I have always paid attention to what fans want. I never thought about what others are doing and if I should copy them. When you start looking at what others are doing, then your downfall starts,” he says.

Talking about the kind of projects he wants to take up, he says, “I want to do films for that section of audience which makes an effort to go and watch a movie in the theatres and spend their hard-earned money to get entertained.”