Commoner has defeated Celebs | Bigg Boss 10 Winner – Manveer Gurjar

Bigg Boss 10

It has been a few hours since Manveer Gurjar was announced as Bigg Boss 10 winner but he is yet to accept that he, a commoner, has defeated celebs such as Bani J and Lopamudra Raut to become Bigg Boss winner. After Salman Khan announced him the winner of tenth season of Bigg Boss, Manveer had tears in his eyes and while speaking to, he calls his win ‘impossible’. The farmer from a small village in Haryana said keeping things real took him till the finishing line ahead of Bani, Lopa and his good friend Manu.

Manveer says he was sure about his own place in the finals but felt it would be impossible to beat Bani for he saw her getting saved week after week despite not being as good as other contestants.


“After covering half the journey, I started expecting to win but pulling a victory over Bani is a surprise. I never imagined that I would be able to get more votes than her. I was sure Bani would win. Despite her failure at doing things which others could do easily in the show, she kept getting votes so, then I thought she must be having something in her that we didn’t see. At that point I felt, it will be impossible to defeat her,” Manveer said.

‘I was real and hence quite offensive in the beginning of the show’

Before winning the Bigg Boss 10 trophy, Manveer won the hearts of the show’s audience. It was his personality as a simple guy which made him a winner as the audience felt Manveer could not fake even if he wanted to and was truly genuine. “People will understand on their own that had I been pretentious, I would have had a sophisticated way of speaking since the beginning but I didn’t. The way I talk and behave now I didn’t earlier. In fact, I made some loose comments on Lopa. Like, I told her. ‘If you wear such clothes in our village you will be eaten up by dogs. I shouldn’t have said that but I did because that’s how I used to be earlier. You can’t sustain being fake for long in that house. On Bigg Boss, only genuineness sells.”

‘I didn’t want Manu to take Rs 10 lakh and quit the show’

Manveer has often been criticised for being a sidekick to his best friend Manu Punjabi, who was obviously more dominant in their equation. In fact, at many times it felt Manveer used Manu’s friendship to get ahead in the game. But for Manveer, it was just Manu’s support that he sought and he said had it been in his control he would have asked Manu to stay in the game and not quit it in the finals as he wanted to see him win. “I have never used anyone. But yes I did take Manu’s advice whenever needed and even sought his support. The decision of taking Rs 10 Lakh and quitting the game was his own decision. There was no interference by me. In fact, had they allowed us to discuss before making that choice, I would have stopped him from taking the money. I don’t know what viewers are thinking but if I have to move ahead in the game with someone or support someone I will do that. Now that people have made me the winner, it shows perhaps they liked the fact that I had a ‘guru’ in the house.