Clerical mistake made a Punjabi taxi driver super-rich for a day!

Clerical mistake made a Punjabi taxi driver super-rich

Barnala: A taxi driver in Punjab became a billionaire this month, albeit for a day or so, giving him a shock of his life but forcing bank and income tax authorities to launch a probe.


Taxi driver Balwinder Singh of Barnala town was shocked out of his wits when an SMS on his mobile phone informed him crediting of over Rs 9,800 crore in his Jan Dhan Yojana account at the S.D. College branch of the State Bank of Patiala dated November 4.


A perplexed Balwinder approached the bank, who made the matters worse was, as no official attended to his query. “I made many rounds of the bank, but nobody listened to me. Instead, they kept my passbook with them on November 7, and issued a new passbook without the gigantic entry. I had opened the account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). My balance usually is around Rs 3,000,” said Singh.


The income tax authorities launched an investigation to see if an attempt was made by someone to convert the black money into white after the November demonetization.


The Barnala district administration too questioned the bank authorities regarding the wrong entry. Barnala town is around 175 km from state capital Chandigarh.


The account holder happens to be a designated vendor for the bank. While passing a credit entry of Rs 200, an assistant manager (accounts) wrongly inserted the bank’s 11-digit internal Banking General Ledger account number in the amount column. The mistake was noticed the next day, following which the entry was reversed.


Bank officials are tightlipped, though bank insiders say it was a clerical mistake.

“The 11-digit account number, by mistake, got fed into the amount column and led to this situation,” bank Manager Sandeep Garg said.