Chinese media ‘slams’ Indian Media. Really!

Chinese media

There’s probably no word for ‘Irony’ in Chinese language. Media Censorship in is intense. In April this year, China scored its worst ever marks in the new of the Press report by Freedom House, with the advocacy group blaming a “trend of ideological tightening” under Xi. Chinese journalists are commonly detained for short periods to coerce them to amend whatever is considered negative coverage. More journalists are jailed in China than in any other country.

But Chinese media seem to have the state sanction to blame (or US or Japan for that matter) for anything unpalatable. A state-run totally controlled Chinese paper in an article said Sino-Indian relations are not progressing smoothly because India’s media continues to vilify China.

This is the second time in as many days that a Chinese state-run propaganda organ has criticized the Indian press.

Earlier, Chinese media accused India of “having a suspicious mind” and had threatened it with “serious consequences”, for expelling three of its journalists.

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Chinese media

has spared no effort in linking (Chinese Foreign Minister ) Wang’s visit to the South China Sea issue and the country’s failure in joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG),” Global Times wrote, referring to foreign minister Wang Yi’s visit to India last week.
Harping on again about India being shut out of the NSG, Global Times said the “Indian media has gone too far” The state-run Chinese paper all but asserted that India and China can’t be “true” friends.