Change your mobile operator from Airtel, Vodafone or Idea to Jio

Airtel, Vodafone or Idea to Jio NMP

Or you may be even looking to move back from Jio to a more established player like Airtel or Idea. The process remains same

Related imageHere’s how you can use Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to shift to Reliance Jio without changing your number:


1: You need to send a text message to your current operator requesting for a port out. The message PORT should be sent to 1900. In return, you will receive a Unique Porting Code from 1901 with 15 days validity from your current carrier.

2:  Head to any Reliance Mobile Store or retailer and fill up the Customer Application Form (CAF) where you’ll also fill in the porting code.


3: Submit the required documents (proof of address, proof of identity and photograph), and in return Reliance will issue a new Reliance Jio SIM card.


That’s it. Once activated, this new SIM will use the same phone number you already had, and your old SIM will be deactivated.


As we mentioned earlier, the process is same if you want to move fro Reliance to, say, Airtel. All you have to do is to follow the same process as mentioned above but this time head to Airtel mobile store to fill up the Customer Applicatio Form.

Please note that the new SIM could take up to 7 days to activate, and a fee of Rs. 19 will be charged. Also during porting, your number might  be dead for about two hours (sometime between 10pm and 5am) before the new Reliance Jio SIM gets activated.

Once your current SIM starts showing “No Service”, it’s likely time to put in your new Reliance Jio SIM.

Once ported, the Jio SIM should be activated, and remember you cannot use MNP to go back to your earlier operator or someone else for at least 90 days.