Chandigarh Youth Congress steps up to help people in ATM queues

Chandigarh Youth Congress Steps up

CHANDIGARH: Youth Congress has taken the initiative to help people even though Congress has clearly come out against the demonetisation decision of Narendra Modi.  As long queues of people can be seen outside the ATMs in the various parts of the city waiting to withdraw the cash, Chandigarh Youth Congress has set up help desks in front of the banks. Youth Congress workers distributed tea, Samosas and water to the people who were in long queues since morning.
Chandigarh Youth Congress workers also helped those persons who were not able to fill the form to replace the money or take money. Chandigarh youth congress president Harmail Kesri said that for those senior citizens and differently abled persons, who were not in position to stand in queue for long time, youth Congress workers stood in queue.

“These kind of help desks will continue throughout the city in coming days till people of Chandigarh get relief from this disease given by our Prime Minister of India”, Kesri said.

Since Congress has already questioned the move of the central government the party has been trying to go to optimum people to show its concern for them. As the election of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is also scheduled to be held in the month of December, the part does not want to leave any chance.