How a Chandigarh online venture became the world phenomenon? | Pumpkart

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Selling water pumps online is as boring as it can get for most people. However, a Chandigarh entrepreneur KS Bhatia, egged on by his teenage son, Aagmandeep, has not only created a niche in selling water pumps but also got the attention of Google CEO, Sunder Pichai, and Indian PM, Narendra Modi.

Sundar appreciated his business model at his ‘Digital India’ speech before PM Modi in the US last year and that got him further recognition and motivation.

KS Bhatia has been designing, selling and installing  pumping systems at a biogas plant to working on sewerage treatment plants for more than 18 years. He later moved into the water and pumping sector and brought in innovations like pressure boosting hydropneumatic system to become a leading contractors in the region.

They he he moved up the ladder by combining entrepreneurship with technology and by listening to his smart son.

“The online journey started when my 14-year-old son, who is quite an internet wizard, gifted me this domain (also the idea) on my birthday two years back. He told me that this vertical has not been touched and it was so true,” said Bhatia, founder and CEO of, a Chandigarh-based B2B marketplace.

KS Bhatia is a chemical engineer from Bangalore’s RV College of Engineering, and also an MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad. His company called Air Fluid Engineers and Equipments deals in pumping projects since 1998.

Thereafter, we worked smartly to ensure that his site comes on top when ‘Water Pump’ is searched anywhere. Today he stocks over 200 brand and is the biggest retailer in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, states where Internet penetration even in rural areas is high and traditional resellers and manufacturers don’t have strong presence.

Pumpkart Online Water Pumps

Pumpkart Online Water Pumps enables manufacturers, dealers and customers to buy and sell water pumps and accessories online. Understanding the rural market, it also allows its customers payment options like Cash on Delivery and EMI along with regular online payment gateways. Pumpkart is still small but it has give him visibility and fame that helps him win business in his core pumping systems domain.

Bhatia used India Post and other courier services to deliver water pumps and accessories to those distant customers, while based in Chandigarh.

“Never underestimate the young, they are the future and much more cued in,” says Bhatia.

Bhatia also received the Leadership Award from the Rural Marketing Association of India this year for his social enterprise and innovative spirit.

Bhatia aim to become the largest player in the Indian pump industry. Pumpkart plans to provide professional service to consumers for installation and service of pumps. It has also launched its unique O2O (Online to Offline) hybrid store in Chandigarh and plans to grow it further by raising funds.