Chandigarh | Liquor prices go down

With the prices of liquor going down as vends are winding up old stock by March 31 besides Navratras starting from Tuesday, people thronged liquor shops in large numbers in the tricity area on Monday.Heavy rush was witnessed especially at liquor vends in Sectors 44, 35 and 46 of Chandigarh.

In Sector 44-D, Chandigarh, a number of youngsters were spotted drinking in the parking area. “It was like a party here,” said Ragunandan Singh of Sector 44.

A liquor vend owner said due to the Supreme Court judgment banning liquor sale on state and national highways, there was a lot of confusion in Chandigarh. “We have to exhaust the remaining quota or penalty could be levied on us,” he said.

A heavy rush was also seen in Manimajra, where liquor vends have put lists of liquor brands with low prices.

Rohit Kumar, a resident of Sector 45, said, “We will drink to our heart’s fill as the next nine days will be dry. Moreover, prices are also very low.”

Panchkula vendors have also complained to the Haryana excise department as prices have been lowered by 50% in Chandigarh, hurting their sales.

“Even some Panchkula vendors have lowered the prices,” a Panchkula-based liquor vend owner said.