Chandigarh | Cost of driving license up


Now getting a driving licence will cost more as the Chandigarh administration has increased the rates from Rs 330 to Rs 750. Now, the residents will also be charged for undertaking the driving test.

Speaking to MahaPunjab, Karnail Singh, in-charge, Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) said the rates have been increased from March 6 and this has been done after the Central government’s notification. The Centre has increased the fee for a driving licence with an aim to make it uniform all over the country.

How much you have to pay? 

The rates of learner’s licence have been increased from Rs 30 to Rs 150. A driving licence test, for which residents were not charged any fee, would come for Rs 300 now. Even if one flunks and has to give the test again, the same fee of Rs 300 would be charged.

Earlier, including the typing fee and other charges, the fee was Rs 330. Also, the rate of international licence has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. The charges for the renewal of a licence will also be increased from Rs 250 to Rs 500. As per the notification, those who fail to renew their licence in time will have to pay Rs 300 and an additional fee of Rs 1,000 for the delay of each year.