Chandigarh Administration to remove sector 43-44 roundabout to decongest traffic; To install traffic lights

Chandigarh to remove roundabout to decongest

During the peak hours, the roundabout of sector 43 and 44 faces a heavy rush, leading to traffic chaos. A senior official of the engineering department said approvals were taken before removing the roundexactly and this has been done to facilitate the commuters, who remain stuck in jams at present.

The work for removing the roundexactly has begun and traffic lights would be installed.

Last month, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation already removed two rotaries of sector 33 and 34 and sector 32 33. Traffic lights were installed there by the UT engineering department. Following heavy rush at these roundexactlys, an approval from the UT chief architect’s office was taken.

Besides, the UT administration is installing traffic lights at various small rotaries in the city to manage rush during the peak hours.

However, many locals are not happy with the decision. A local resident, Vandana Dahiya, said the city will lose its grace if gradually roundexactlys are removed.

“This way all the roundexactlys will be removed and traffic lights would be installed. The city has its grace because of these beautiful roundexactlys,” said Dahiya. This small roundexactly is near the district court complex on the V3 road.