You can get fake notes with funny labels in this city!


The purpose behind these ‘currency notes’ appear to be ‘fun’ if one goes by the wordings on them, but they are deceptive enough to take somebody for a ride. Near-identical specimens of currency notes of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 denomination are easily available at toy and stationery shops here, in Nabha.

Even as these notes carry funny labels that differentiate them from the real ones, the size, contours and color combination are so perfect that they don’t catch suspicion at first glance.

A senior citizen told this correspondent: “A Rs 500 note was lying on the refrigerator, which I gave to the newspaper hawker. He came back after an hour and told me that I had given him a fake note. My grandson told that he had bought it from a stationery shop for Rs 1.”

When this correspondent checked in the market, the notes were being sold at a few stationery and toy shops. The notes are labelled as “Children Bank of India”, “Churan Label” and other funny wordings. Since people are not fully accustomed to the feel of the new notes, they can easily be befooled using these notes. “There is a good demand for these notes. Children and adults both buy them. I have sold around 15 packets,” said a shopkeeper.

“If toy making companies can make such specimens, anti-social elements are bound to do much better job to produce the counterfeit. The claims of the government that demonetisation will fight counterfeiting have fallen flat,” Randeep Singh Nabha, Congress MLA from Amloh, said.

“The government should have printed the currency notes using advanced safety features at least,” said AAP leader Gian Singh

When Nabha DSP Jaskeerat Singh was contacted and shown the notes, he said, “However the labels are clear, the matter is serious since it’s easy to use them in transaction at petrol pumps or dark places like street food vendors who set their stalls in the evening.” He said he will check what they can do legally and check what legal provisions are there to check this. “The police will require the directions from higher authorities in seizing these notes from the market,” he said.