Can you get ‘Digitally Blackmailed’? First case in Punjab

Digital Blackmail Bitcoin

, August 21

For the first time in Punjab, a ‘digitally blackmailed’ for ransom has taken place. It’s a term used when computer hackers lock all data and seek ransom in for releasing the data. Digital Blackmail is different from Digital Kidnapping when someone steals a stranger’s baby photos and reposts them across the Internet.


The Punjab Police Cyber Crime cell at Mohali has received the first such complaint from the owner of an ayurvedic company and an education institute. His computer was hacked a few days ago. The hackers left the files locked with a message on the screen: Pay five Bitcoins to get the data released. One Bitcoin is priced at Rs 75,000.

IGP PK Sinha, in charge of the Cyber Crime cell, said the “hackers take away every kind of data and it can be disastrous if there is no back-up”.HS Mann, AIG (Cyber Crime), who is investigating the matter, is hopeful of cracking the case. “This is international crime and many channels are to be followed.”The cell has issued an advisory to refrain from clicking on suspicious advertisements, downloading illegal stuff and visiting prohibited sites.