BSP workers abuse Daya’s 12-yr-old daughter to teach a lesson

BSP Dayasankar: workers laid siege to Lucknow, the family of the man they were targeting was holed up at an undisclosed location out of fear. BSP workers were protesting against the foul language used by Dayashankar about Mayawati. But some of their own slogans directly targeting his daughter and family left a deep scar on the family’s psyche. Dayashanker’s wife and minor kids, especially his daughter, a class 7 student at a prestigious school, said they were pained and anguished by reactions against them on social media and TV.

Dayashanker’s wife Swati, a former lecturer at Lucknow University, said BSP protesters have been using “highly derogatory” words against them. “What crime has my daughter committed that BSP workers are abusing us,” asked Swati. “If the same words can hurt Mayawatiji, why will they not hurt us, particularly my daughter. She has gone through acute mental trauma after she heard the nasty words inflicted on her,” said Swati, who also has a son.

The family, she said, has been getting threats and is on the move to escape any untoward incident.
“If anything happens to us, the BSP leadership will be responsible for it,” said the wife of the leader who has gone underground after being sacked from the party. “The law will take its course on what my husband said… but he should not be punished four times for one crime,” said Swati.

Mr Singh, who was a Vice President of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, was expelled for six years after he used offensive words for Mayawati.