Brit journalist Sunny Hundal faces Twitter storm for hate comment


Twitter saw a real storm Sunday night when ten years of malignant and exaggerated reporting reached the boiling point and when dozens of British Sikhs stood up against British journalist Sunny Hundal.

The storm was in response to Sunny Hundal’s offensive and generalised blanket tweet that “British Sikhs are more intolerant than Christians and Jews on marriage” which was put out to promote his latest article.

Sunny Hundal has a history of antagonising the Sikh Community with his casual statements on the social media attacking the community continuously generalising Sikhs as backwards and violent.

Ironically, Sunny Hundal likes to advertise his Sikh origin when it suits him and uses it as a catalyst to promote his brand of hate and hysteria to the mainstream by grossly exaggerating issues within the Sikh community.

Last night many Sikh organisations, professionals, and social media groups retaliated with the hashtag #Hundalswrong challenging his opinions and constant ridicule of Sikh practices and stirring statements.

One tweeter said that Sunny Hundal “is what Katie Hopkins is to humanity”.

Another tweeter wrote, “You’re entitled to have an opinion against Sikhs but NOT allowed to distort Sikh beliefs & condemn the entire group of people #HundalsWrong”.

Over the past decade, Sunny Hundal has written in numerous incarnations of blogs and commented in the Guardian, Independent, and other newspapers. He has been accused of promoting an aggressive bias when it has come to Sikh issues allowing readers to form an anti-Sikh sentiment thereby fusing situations even further and ensuring the Sikh institutions and practices feel isolated from the mainstream.

The worldwide Sikh community openly condemned Sunny Hundal for his ill-informed and inappropriate comments and articles.

Twitter users also urged the editors of newspapers such as the Guardian and The Independent to proofread with sentiments and provide a better balance for the real hard working and respected Sikh community before publishing any more of Hundal’s hateful comments.