Breaking: West Bengal is now called – Bengal, Bangal, Bangla, Bongo….

West Bengal Raname

What’s in the name? Sometimes it depends on the language you are using. Well the fourth name (Bongo) is mercifully dropped, but Mamta Banerjee has still decided to rename West Bengal in differently in three languages.

I guess Punjabis, Gujaratis, French and Tamils have the freedom to decide what they want to call these civilised but garrulous folks from around the Sundarbans or they can drown in the Bay of Bongo!

In fact, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held an impromptu referendum to decide on a new name at a public rally in Kolkata. She supposedly got 3 million suggestions but limited herself to just three.

A well-wisher of Mamta Didi probably told her discretely that it will be difficult for Punjabis to stop guffawing every time they meet a ‘Bongo’

This is what one press release from mentioned “Discussion on renaming West Bengal underway at legislative assembly, one of the proposed names ‘Bongo’ has been dropped. Resolution passed in state assembly. West Bengal to be renamed to ‘Bangla’ in Bengali, Bengal in English and ‘Bangal’ in Hindi.”

Confused! Not if you are a Bengali (or Bangali).

My apology in advance for ‘stereotyping’ a great culture but Bengalis love debating about everything, sometimes with no end result in sight or even desired. First they retained a British name – West Bengal, a legacy of bloody Bengal (Bangal, Bongo or Bangla) partition, for their state for 70 years.

Tower of Babel or Bangal

Tower of Babel or Bangal

So when Bengalis decided to rename their state, they could not could have limited themselves to just one.

So next time, what should I call these bhadraloks in my Hinglish! I just heard that the Tower of Babel is being renamed to the Tower of Bangal.