Bombay Diaries: New Girl in Town


An extract.

We all come to a point in life where we leave the safety of our homes and move into the real world, sometimes its more a mental process, like getting into college from school level but sometimes its a physical change.

It’s a known fact that going out and leaving behind a life of luxuries is a big step and very important and no matter how much you support it and want it certain thoughts never leave your mind.

I myself am the biggest supporter of roughing it out, believe you me, but there is always that one fleeting moment when every strong person loses it.


What’s the importance of a day? Not many can measure just how long or short or changing one day can be. Its astounding to look back at how your life turned overnight.

One evening you’re wrapped safe in the four walls of your home, surrounded by the people you love and your friends just a call away. The very next day you find yourself in an unknown city, a place you’ve never been; at the same time, a city you’d be calling home for the next 5 most crucial and important years of your life.

A new girl in a city where you’re never alone but always on your own; Mumbai.

Its difficult to digest the fact that you have left the place that you grew up in, spent your entire life and are now here 1675Kms away from home, in what feels like, a blink of an eye. Struggling to fit in & starting from scratch.

The day, witness’s feelings that change like weather. Sluggish in the morning waking up to a place you’re just not familiar, progressing to the time when you’re eager to learn, escalating to excitement to meet new people, trying to form a group which would be half as close as the one you left behind. But it’s the night when it hurts the most, the hour when nostalgia hits you worst. When you start to regret leaving home and you start to question every decision you ever made, slowly subsiding and slipping into a heavy sleep.

After such turmoil full of emotions it suddenly dawns upon you, THAT ‘one’ day, did not happen just a night ago, but is now a month far back.

One minute you sit there reminiscing about how you spent your days at school or laughing about something you did when you were five or how nervous the result made you. And the next moment you’re in college. Bam! And you sit there questioning yourself, really? When did that happen?

And that’s what an unfamiliar city does to you, you’re cruising through the day, only to be lonely during the night. The day seems so long yet so short.