Bloch freedom fighters in Germany chant anti-Pakistan, pro-Modi slogans

Baloch in Germany

NEW DELHI: Dozens of exiled Baloch activists in came out on Saturday to chant anti- protests and to laud Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his stirring call to end atrocities in the beleaguered province.

“We respect PM Modi, are thankful to him. Unlike Pakistan he treats us with humanity,” one protester Hooran Baloch said. He added that Pakistan has again launched search operations in areas where Balochis live, and taken away “our brothers”.

Two weeks ago, in what is being seen a a big strategic shift, PM Modi began to call out Pakistan for its so-called hypocrisy in commenting about Kashmir even as it continues to oppress people within its borders. And now, Baloch activists in Pakistan and those forced into exile abroad are rallying around Modi’s stirring speeches against Pakistan’s atrocities in the Balochistan province and in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK).

“We want freedom”, ”Free Balochistan”, “Balochistan Zindabad’ and “Go ahead Modi” were some of the slogans raised during the Leipzig rally, ANI reported. “We are fighting for our nation. How many people will you kill? We believe in humanity, there is nothing higher than that to us,” Hooran Baloch said. “Our protest is for the people of Balochistan and for the human rights violation happening in Pakistan+ by the Pakistani state,” said another protester.

“The time has come when Pakistan shall have to answer to the world for the atrocities committed by it against people in Balochistan and PoK,” PM Modi said at an all-party meet in the second week of August. He bolstered his comments by again referring to the issue during his Independence Day Speech August 15.