Bhajans are on Billboard Music Charts thanks to Anita Lerche (Video)


Anita Lerche, a Denmark born singer-song writer, secured herself a spot on the Billboard New Age Music Charts, not for some English single but for her hit Hindi Album “Bhajans”.

Her self-propelled journey with Eastern music has been a life-changing one. She grew up in a musical Danish household, studying musical theatre at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and solidifying her passion for a career in music. And continues to make her mark in the Eastern music scene.

Her journey and its beginning has rather been an emotional one, where she along with her dad would always sing and play the guitar together. “There was my music teacher, who was also the conductor of the school choir, who also influenced me,” she shared. Both had a huge passion and love for music that inspired me deeply. I was raised listening to all types of music.”



Although being a multi-lingual, she found it difficult to get the pronunciations and rhythms of Punjabi correctly. ” It has been a big challenge, never have I been so much into a culture and learned so much about a country than from singing in Punjabi and Hindi,” Lerche said.

It was back in 2005, during her hike in The Himalayas, that she discovered the power of Punjabi music and culture. Which inspired the Danish native threw herself into learning Punjabi wholeheartedly.

And within just one year her album “Heer from Denmark” made its way into Indian music and culture.

Her debut album received, much deserved, widespread praise and earned Lerche a name in the Punjabi music scene. She went on to release three solo albums, record award-winning songs such as “Maahiya,” featuring Cheshire Cat, and won the MH1 Punjabi Music Award for Best Non-Resident Indian Female Debut.

She keeps her voice in top shape with the help of Grammy Award-winning singer Darlene Koldenhoven.  A resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, Lerche continues to travel the world, connecting Eastern and Western music and culture through her unique and captivating performances while promoting the Punjabi language, culture, and music

“I feel a deep belonging to India that goes far beyond anything I’ve ever known,” Lerche said.