Best Guide: How to Join Congress

Membership Congress India

Indian National (INC) has a very streamlined process for Indians interested in becoming its members. Congress has presence all over India. It has always been had a strong presence in . So if you are looking to , reach out to its local branch near your home.

The fee is INR 5/- only. Membership fees for digital channels will be collected on-ground by authorized personnel.

However, Congress’s online presence is not as strong as that of BJP and AAP. I faced a system error when I tried to access in joining form. Congress’s primary website too is not as impressive as that of its main rivals and still stuck in 2005 design.


Join Congress error

Who can join Congress

  1. If you accept the membership terms & conditions as specified in the INC constitution.
  2. You are above 18 years of age and not a member of any other Political Party.

Join Congress App

Important online links if you are interested in joining Congress

  1. Main Congress Site:
  2. Online Application Form:
  3. Youth Congress Site:
  4. For becoming an INC digital volunteer
  5. Congress on Facebook:
  6. Punjab Congress on Facebook:
  7. Congress on Twitter:
  8. Congress on Youtube:
  9. Punjab Congress site: (Seems to be down)


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