Beauty contest judged by robots now

Robot Beauty.JPG

You may think that beauty can not be quantified but only felt or experienced but every beauty contest asks its judges to categorise and rank beauty on various parameters.
No surprise, then, that here in 2016 we have just witnessed the first beauty contest judged by AI, as a jury of decidedly non-human bots picked out what they considered to be the best-looking people from a dataset of 6,000 entries.
Beauty.AI’s contest offered participants the ability to, “Be the First Beauty Queen or King Judged By Robots.” Individuals from 119 different countries — the most popular entry locations being Russia, the U.S., India, Germany and Italy — sent in makeup-free selfies via a dedicated iOS or Android app, which were then studiously analyzed by a variety of algorithms; all modeling some aspect of what the company considers to be the biomarkers of beauty.

Unlike many beauty contests, this competition was open to individuals from all over the world and of any age range. “We think our contest is more fair than usual beauty contests, where only pretty women between the ages of 20-30 participate,” Anastasia said. “We think people are beautiful at every age, so why not have a beauty contest for all age groups.”

And the winners can be found at