Baloch leader asks the world to help eradicate ‘cancer’ called Pakistan

Pakistan atrocities in balochistan

Mazadak Dilshad , a prominent Baloch leader, called upon the world leaders to stand for the cause of its people to help eradicate a ‘’ called .

Baloch said the Pakistani army, with the help of the government, is conducting genocide against the Baloch people. “Genocide is going on in . Any kind of atrocity you name, it’s there in Balochistan. More than 20,000 people have disappeared. They are depriving people of their identity; they are depriving them of their nationality; and they are depriving them of freedom,” he said.

“We are grateful to the Prime Minister of India. The whole Baloch ‘nation’ is grateful to him and this is a leading step towards the support to the freedom of Balochistan. I think all the civilised world leaders should stand up for the cause of Balochistan and its people, help them move forward, help them get independence and help them finish this ‘cancer’ called Pakistan,” he told an Indian news agency.

Prime Minister Modi, during his address on the occasion of nation’s 70th Independence Day, had highlighted Islamabad’s atrocities on Gilgit-Balstistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan has been attacking Balochistan villages with US-made  fighter planes, killing thousands, in its attempt to rout Baloch’s freedom struggle and insurgency. Thousands others have been taken away by federal agencies (read ISI) and have never been seen since.

Source: ANI and Blochwarna