Awaaz-e-Punjab continues to Flip-flop – Alliance or not?

Since its formations, Navjot Singh Sidhu’s ‘Awaaz E Punjab’, has been making the rounds just ahead of the Punjab Assembly Elections. However, there’s no clarity yet on what it really wants to do till Punjab Elections.
Days after announcing that the Awaaz-e-Punjab, formed by former BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu, would not float a political party to contest the 2017 Punjab Assembly polls, the front on Tuesday had said it will look at the prospects of forging an alliance with the Congress or the AAP, while ruling out the possibility of joining a fourth front.
Earlier Sidhu declared the front open for alliance as for the betterment of Punjab. However, just a day after Sidhu’s organisation had said that it was open for a political alliance with Aam Aadmi Party and Congress in Punjab, Sidhu has declared that it would not form an alliance within the State.
The reason behind which is said to avoid political relationship with Captain Amarinder Singh, as the state Congress chief was involved in a behind-the-curtain deal with the Badal family.
“Though it is for my party to take a final decision, I have made the suggestion to both senior leaders of AAP as well as to those in Awaaz-e-Punjab to come together. I have kept a line open with Pargat (Singh) over a period of time. In my personal opinion, we should bring these people in to keep Badals and Amarinder at bay,” quoting AAP’s Punjab leader HS Phoolka .

Sidhu had said they decided against forming a political party as it was too short a time to prepare for polls, but added that they were open to “alliance” for betterment of Punjab.

“I have pondered over the fluid political situation in Punjab, weighed the pros and cons and come to a conclusive decision…We will not confuse the people of Punjab but give them clarity to vote in Punjab’s interest.

“Our battle is to shake the system that has ruined Punjab. Politics is not a profession but a mission. There is no personal or political vendetta, just a burning desire to place Punjab ahead of us and reinforce the positive forces,” he added.