Attending a Job Interview? Look your best in Shirt & Tie

young business man

Going for an important job interview or attending a wedding? Look you best in a perfect Shirt-Tie combination.  

1. Learn how to wear a tie. You can’t wear any shirt and tie combinations unless you know the best way to wear different types of tie. Work out the style of tie you’re wearing and what you’re wearing it for, and then choose accordingly.

 2. Know your body size and shape. When it comes to shirts, you need to find one that fits your perfectly. The length of the sleeves and the size of your collar are the most important parts. To know for sure, go and be measured in a shop or tailor.

3.  Think about colour. Matching colours isn’t too hard when wearing a completely white shirt, as it can be worn with anything. If you’re wearing a suit on top make sure the tie matches this.

Tie-White Shirt

Tie-White Shirt

4.  Think about pattern. If you’re wearing a patterned white shirt or tie, make sure they don’t clash. Stick to alternating patterns and nothing too loud.

 5. Experiment. A white shirt is quite literally, a blank canvas. This means that you can play around with different colour and pattern combinations relatively risk-free. Unless you wear matching shirts and ties, you should be alright.

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