Atta-Dal can’t be given to poor without Badal’s photo in Punjab

Atta Dal Scheme Punjab

The chief Minister has suspended the distribution of Atta-Dal scheme cards by the Food and Civil Supplies department among over 30 lakhs households. Reason: the card carries the picture Food and Civil Supplies Minister Adesh Pratap Singh Kairon, not of the Badals.

Now the cards would be distributed again with the picture of the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s photo besides the photo of Kairon. A senior IAS Officer said the cards were received a fortnight ago and they were initially told to distribute these. “ However when we complained our seniors about the missing picture of the CM and Deputy CM  we were told not to give away till the further orders,” the officer added. The Punjab Government has recently directed the Deputy Commissioners to expedite the cards among the beneficiaries.

Sources said that the cards were printed and was sent to districts by Food and Civil supplies officers on the directions of the department’s top brass. “ Carrying the CM’s photo or not is not our decision it is of the boss.” Said the officer.

The cards also mention Kairon’s designation and address besides his message about the scheme. Rahul Tiwari, Special principal secretary to Deputy CM, said  he had issued written orders to all DCs to wait till 30 Lakhs stickers to be sent to them in the next few days. “ These will be pasted on all the cards. These was a goof -up by the food and civil’s supplies officers who got the cards printed,” he said.