Arvind Kejriwal’s Moga Rally a Mega Success


Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which swept Delhi in last year’s assembly elections, is perceived mostly as a party for the urban populace. However, it hopes to win big in next year’s assembly elections by portraying itself as one that stands up equally for the rural people.

Keeping this in mind, the Delhi chief minister held mega rally in Punjab’s Moga to reach out to the farmers and release a separate a 31-pointer manifesto outlining his party’s approach for them.

Despite dozens of his party members being hit by corruption scandals and rape charges, Kejriwal ‘slammed’ the Congress and Akali Dal for looting the state for their “vested interests”. Kejriwal promised to end the menace of drug and punish those involved in corrupt practice once voted to power in Punjab. Kejriwal promised “I have pitched my tent in Punjab now and I will leave the state only after sending the Badals to jail.”

Kejriwal has been making frequent visits to the state, where AAP won four seats in the 2014 general election.
Party sources say the manifesto highlighted a number of issues – including takeover of land of farmers who have been unable to pay their debts and minimum support price for crops.

The manifesto also promises to implement of the Swaminathan panel report by 2020, which promises payment of 50 per cent profit over and above input cost to the farmers. It also promises rural start-ups around agriculture will get interest-free loans, the tenure of which is yet to be decided.
But no event of AAP is complete without Kejriwal accusing everyone else for trying to stop the party from doing its good ‘deeds’. To gain media attention, AAP alleged that the state government is deliberately keeping ‘school buses’ off the road under the pretext of inspection to make it difficult for farmers to attend the rally.