Arvind Kejriwal robbed Delhi to fund Punjab, Goa Ad Campaigns?

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Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party has been treating its Delhi government as a cash cow to finance first class foreign trips, luxury cars and five star hotel conventions. Another controversy has hit AAP with allegations emerging that Delhi funds were used to pay for ad campaigns in Punjab and Goa for the upcoming assembly polls in the two states. The Delhi chief minister has reportedly used Rs 1.5 crore from annual budget of Delhi for the campaigns, as per the reports.

The Delhi CM once again hit the headlines when a national news channel revealed documents showing use of Rs 1.58 crore by AAP on advertising in its election campaigns.

The report gave opportunity to other political parties to comment on the working of AAP. RP Singh of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called it “misuse of the money of tax payers of Delhi”.

“While Delhiites are suffering for basic necessities like water and electricity, the party is using the public fund for its political gains in several states,”Singh told NewsX.

The rebel MLA of AAP, Devendra Sherawat also commented on the trending controversy and said “The Delhi CM has not taken any department in the government. This means he is full-time indulged to do politics outside Delhi.”

Calling it “unacceptable” to use money of Delhi for party’s campaign, he said “Delhi CM is neither fulfilling requirements of Delhi, nor he is doing justice outside.”

Meanwhile, it is followed by another controversy wherein exclusive documents accessed by TIMES NOW have revealed that the Aam Aadmi Party is in a major tax trouble. The Income Tax Department has found that the records, pertaining to the funds that the party claimed as donations on its website, that were submitted to the Election Commission do not match with the list put up on the party’s website.

Amid all the controversy, the party has completely deleted the donation information from its website to hide the data.