Arvind Kejriwal reignites Modi’s Fake degree charge

The Delhi CM raises Modi degree again

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal again raked up Prime Minister Narendra Modi degree question even though the university and courts have given green signal to PM on this. Kejriwal said today that the nation wants to know the educational qualifications of Prime Minister Modi in the light of demonetisation.

The Delhi CM has raised the issue of Modi’s educational qualification after a gap of several months.


Speaking to mediapersons, Kejriwal questioned Modi’s educational qualifications and said the latter was not well-educated. He alleged that demonetisation was a Rs 8,000 crore scam.

Kejriwal alleged that Modi’s reluctance to show his degrees raised suspicion about their authenticity. “Earlier, Modiji said he did not go to college. Later, he showed correspondence course degrees which were found to be fake,” the Aam Aadmi Party leader said.

He said, “If the degree is genuine, why is Modiji reluctant to show it? Why is he hiding his degree?”

“Modi is less qualified. The nation has not been able to comprehend how a scam of this proportion took place,” Kejriwal said.

The Delhi CM said the people wished to know Modi’s educational qualifications. He alleged that Modi’s degree was fake. “Modi should show his degree to me if his degree is not fake,” he said.

He reiterated that the people wanted to know whether Modi, who took the note ban decision, was qualified.

The AAP leader added that people believe that Modi was not aware of the repercussions of demonetisation and now that there was chaos across the nation he doesn’t want to roll it back.

“Today, there is a hearing in the Gujarat High Court about the degree issue. We want his lawyer to say in the court that they are ready to show Modiji’s degree.”

Kejriwal said Modi should not waive the loans of his rich friends. He demanded the PM to waive the loans of the farmers and small traders.

Terming demonetisation a scam, Kejriwal has been demanding its roll back. However, the ruling BJP has outright rejected its demand saying it was not possible in any circumstances.

Earlier, in April, he had asked the Central Information Commission (CIC) to make public details Modi’s educational qualification. He had requested the agency that information about PM’s educational degrees should be brought in the public domain to eliminate any confusion over the issue.