Kejriwal Punjab visit: Local volunteers subjected to body scans, many ignored!


Outsider charge against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is not going away soon.

Last-minute changes in Arvind Kejriwal’s Friday schedule led to chaos at Jhande village where he was put up at a farmhouse. Kejriwal had announced ‘khulla darbaar’ (open public meeting) for volunteers. The party had posted invites on social media for the event to be held around 10am. But at 8 am the AAP chief left for the Golden Temple. The meeting could begin only around 4 pm.

After a long wait, some volunteers from Bathinda, Mansa and other districts returned. As resentment started building up among the remaining volunteers, security was asked to send a few of them inside where they met state co-observer Jarnail Singh.

Stung by recent sting video and audio clips against AAP leaders, the party asked volunteers to leave behind their gadgets while meeting the party top leaders. “Any object in which camera could be hidden were not allowed inside. So we ensured that each volunteer going inside did not have phones, pens, watches etc,” said a party worker. One worker mentioned that his body scan before meeting Kejriwal was more stringent than that on airports.

Further, while those volunteers who had a letter from their district leaders recommending them were allowed to meet the chief. “We do not have any chit from any leader or observer. We are waiting for him since morning and we did not even get any information that the meeting has been postponed. If this is not VIP culture then what is ?,” said a group of volunteers from Amargarh.