Another “spy” pigeon from Pakistan

Spy Pigeon from Pakistan

Amritsar: A pigeon with mobile number and something written on his wings landed in Ajnala. This the second pigeon with something written on his wings. This is probably a prank by some overactive unemployed Pakistani youngsters but Punjab Police is not taking any chances.

Suspected to be a “ spy” pigeon, it also has something written in Urdu and a mobile number ( 03134040167) on its wings. The pigeon was handed over to the Ajnala police.

Harkamalpreet Singh Kharkh, SSP , said though nothing apprehensive is found yet. Efforts were on to identify the matter written on it as it was illegible.

The avian was apprehended by a cable operator while he spotted it sitting on the wall. He noticed something blue on one of  his wings and on a closer look he found something written in Urdu and he immediately informed the police about the same.

The pigeon has been handed over to the birds caretaker, Chanan Singh, SHO, said we are trying to engage someone who can read it and the number written on it is also non- functional.

This is not the lone instance as earlier also pigeons has flew into Indian territory from Pakistan side but nothing concrete could came out.