With Annual exams around the corner, government schools still devoid of lectures in Jalandhar


Even though the exams of Class 10 and 12 are round the corner, the schools in rural areas are still without lectures. The examinations will be starting from the first week of March.

The results of rural schools are generally poor owing to lack of lecturers. There are a total of 151 senior secondary and 123 high schools in the district.

As per the information, Senior Secondary School Parjial Kalan, is without a principal and out of seven posts for the lecturers, six are vacant.

In the said school no teacher is available for science till Class 10. Government school in Kular that was upgraded to Senior Secondary in May last year does not have a principal and most of the posts for the lecturers are lying vacant and same is the condition in High school Daulatpur Dhadda.

As per an official, “In rural areas, over 50 % of master cadre is lying vacant and around 70 % of vacancies are there for lecturers. Around nine months ago, the schools were up graded from high to senior secondary but the education department has failed to fill the required posts.

Till now, the said posts have only been filled in city schools, leaving the fate of rural schools swinging.

In Jalandhar, as many as 36 schools have been upgraded out of which 24 high schools were upgraded as senior secondary school and 12 middle schools as high schools.

As per the norms, the schools that are upgraded as senior secondary need a principal and five lecturers as minimum requirement and rest depends upon the strength of the school.

But, neither principals nor lecturers’ post have been filled in most of the school.

One of the school teachers pleading anonymity said, “I do not understand as to why every aspect of up gradation is not looked into. It is good that the schools are upgraded but what about providing posts, many schools are without any principals at present.”

Another teacher from Mehatpur requesting anonymity said, “It is so easy to expect good results, but root problem is not being addressed, no appointments are being made.”

Harinder Pal Singh, district education officer (secondary) said that situation is fine now as most of the appointments have been made.

“But we make sure that teachers from other schools take lectures of the students jointly, so that no one suffers.” said Singh.

In 2015 out of total sanctioned posts of 4,907 teachers in middle, high and senior secondary schools, there were 1,593 posts lying vacant.

PROCRASTINATION 50 % of master cadre and around 70 % of posts for lecturers are lying vacant in rural areas, say officials