Amritsar in a new light!

Amritsar facts

Six facts and beliefs that you may not know about Amritsar, even if you have visted the holy city.

A) The foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid by a Sufi saint.

It was Guru Arjan Dev, the 5th Sikh Guru who asked his dear friend Pir Mian Mir of Lahore to lay the foundation stone of a temple that was to be open to all castes, creeds & climes.

This temple is none other than Harimandir Sahib.

B) Shree Durgiana Tirath in Amritsar is a focal point of faith for Hindus; the Hanuman temple here, believers hold, has the foot prints of Lord Hanuman himself.

After Ayodhya, this place, it is said, is dearest to Lord Hanuman.

C) Amritsar takes lead in training young girls and boys in gatka – one of the oldest martial art forms to have originated in India.

D) Jalianwala Khoo or the Well in Amritsar is the location where dead bodies of rebel soldiers were thrown.

E) Unlike the stairs in most temples, the stairs at the entrance of Golden Temple go down.

It has been done deliberately to instill a sense of humbleness in all visitors.

F) In the sacred pool of Harminder Sahib is a fish with a gold ring in its nose.

If you happen to see it, luck is coming your way in truckloads.