Amarinder again alleges Badal-AAP nexus out to malign him

Amarinder Singh Kejriwal Badal AAP BJP

Chandigarh: In a statement issued today, Amarinder said, “The two parties seem to have ganged up together to malign me as they see a common and formidable enemy in me. Days after the AAP alleged that there was a “tacit understanding” between the Badals and him, Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh now claimed a secret nexus between his rivals to malign him.
“How come Arvind Kejriwal got to know much in advance about the contents of the secret and sealed vigilance bureau report submitted to the court on Friday and has to be opened on the next date of hearing on October 25?” he asked in a statement issued here today.

The vigilance bureau filed a cancellation report in the alleged Amritsar Improvement Trust (AIT) corruption case. AAP claimed that the cancellation report was a result of “Badal-Capt nexus”.

Amarinder said both parties were unsettled after the “massive public response” he has been getting across Punjab. “Moreover, the survey reports of all political parties including the Akalis and the AAP have put us (Congress) far ahead of others,” he remarked.

The PCC president said he was not bothered about contents of the vigilance bureau report. “I have been fighting the bureau and its Akali bosses for last 10 years and I don’t mind fighting them for another 10 years more, but what has surprised me is the confidence with which Kejriwal claims that the bureau was closing the case against me,” he said. “It is a clear case of Badal proposing and Kejriwal disposing.”

Amarinder reiterated that no matter to what extent the Akalis and the AAP gang up together in trying to malign him, his stand against the corruption will remain the same. “Badals know it too well from their knowledge and experience as I have jailed them once and I will certainly jail them again for all their sins of omission and commission and I don’t need any certificate from anyone, much less the AAP leaders”, he said. He added that he had been vigorously raising the Bhola drug case, which put the Akalis in a spot of bother.