Allahbad school bans Nation Anthem for being ‘unislamic’; Manager Zia-Ul-Haq Arrested

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A private school in has reportedly barred students from singing the national anthem, Vande Mataram or Saraswati Vandana during Independence Day celebrations on the ground that they are “un-Islamic”. Protesting against this, the principal of the school and seven other teachers resigned on last Friday.

When contacted, Mohammad Zia-ul Haq, manager of M A Convent School in Sadiyabad locality of Allahabad district, said the decision was taken following objections from some parents. Since then manager Zia-Ul-Haq has been arrested  in a sedition case.

Muslim School Anti Indian

Muslim School Anti Indian

The principal, who joined the school just over a year ago, differed from the school management. “The school has 200 Hindu students while the remaining 130 are Muslims. How can he ban the national anthem and Vande Mataram citing religious reasons.”

“The complainants (education department officials) had alleged that the school manager, by his refusal to allow (the) singing of the national anthem and statements issued before the media defending his action, has caused breach of peace and tension in the area,” additional SP (city) Rajesh Yadav said.

“We have taken him into custody and further action will follow.”

Meanwhile, Allahabad District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar said the school, which is till Class VIII, is not recognised. “I am going to take strict action against the school management. We will give them an opportunity to be heard. I am meeting the manager in the evening and will decide the next course of action,” said Kumar.