Alaki Dal Politician gone rogue when refused VIP treatment


Moga: Punjab’s ruling party of Akali Dal’s politician  and his son have been caught on camera assaulting a nurse, who was pregnant at the time, allegedly because they were asked to wait their turn at a clinic in Moga, 175 km from Chandigarh. The nurse, was slapped so hard that she was thrown to the ground.

Mr Singh’s wife Daljit Kaur is a sarpanch or village head and that was his argument while demanding “VIP treatment”. Paramjit Singh and his son Gurjit are both missing after the police filed cases of criminal intimidation and trespass against them.

On Thursday, the Singhs went to the Gupta Nursing Home to pick up a patient but apparently lost their temper after being told to wait for the doctor.  Nurse Ramandeep Kaur, eight weeks pregnant, was at the receiving end of their fury.

Both father and son are seen in CCTV visuals shouting at the nurse when she tried to reason with them. The video, which has gone viral, shows Mr Singh and his son shoving and slapping the nurse.

“I only had asked them to wait outside as they were sitting on seats meant for staff. They could not take it and began to abuse me… to which I objected but they slapped me and pushed me to the floor, they hit me even though I requested them to spare me because of my condition,” Ramandeep said.

“The two told us they were from the Sarpanch’s family…Since they are from the ruling party, they tried to use their clout and intimidate them,” said Rahul Gupta, who runs the clinic.

The incident signals embarrassment for the Akali Dal just months before elections in Punjab.

Calling the incident “disgusting and shameful” in a statement, Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh said: “Better tame your goons lest they are lynched by people as public anger is mounting against you.”