Akrosh Divas against Modi’s Demonetisation flopped today in most places

Akrosh Divas Flopped

The Jan Akrosh Divas, called by some opposition parties against Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation move fizzled out due to the lack of people support behind the akrosh (rage). There was no bandh though it was announced earlier. Opposition feared that announcing a bandh would have revealed the lack of popular support to their move.

Opposition only belatedly realised the absurdity of a hartal, resulting in whole day’s earning lost for poor, while protesting against a few hours of inconvenience outside banks and ATMs due to demonetisation.

The whole move was rendered futile by the lack of consensus among the rival leaders on how best to express their akrosh at being sidelined by the prime minister’s powerful political narrative, Nitish Kumar’s abstention decidedly robbed the ‘nationwide protests’ of its moral strength.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Parliament became a rallying point for leaders of the Opposition, including Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and other politicians from DMK, CPM, Congress and RJD. The Congress has made it clear that they intend to only protest and not called for a nationwide lockdown.

However, many big opposition leaders including Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Odhisa and Bihar did not join the protest spearheaded by Mamta Banerjee, with Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal acting as her flunkies.

It’s quite clear that Modi’s rivals are finding it difficult to mobilise the masses who, much to the frustration of Modi’s detractors, still appear to be taken in by the appeal for a larger corruption-free society and see themselves as equal partners in that fight.